Hear What Our Customers Have To Say...!

The guys at Tow Truck's Brisbane need to keep up your good work! The service you provide your customers are really exceptional. You also make sure that you do the right thing in your job, something that can’t be said of other contractors that I’ve worked with. Continue with being polite and putting your customer’s first and foremost on your list of priorities. Cheers...!
-- ANDY --
I experienced a flat tire on busy Sunnybank road and it’s a good thing that I was able to contact the guys at Tow Truck's Brisbane. Their towing service helped me get out of that untoward situation. They were also quite knowledgeable in fixing cars, (although in my case it was just a flat tire) and they did a quick job of it.
I got into an accident involving 3 cars on a service road off the Holland park main road. That was a really shocking experience for me and all others involved, but I guess we were glad that Tow Truck's Brisbane was there. They were very reassuring and reminded us to get in touch with our insurance company. You’ll appreciate their friendly service when you’re in the same situation.
-- JEREMY --
I contacted Tow Truck's Brisbane because my car died that night. Their team was very understanding and informed me of my options and how much it would cost me. When I agreed, the next morning they were there to pick my car up on time. On the phone and in person, their team members were helpful and really friendly to me.
-- JEROME --
Wasn’t sure what to expect when I called the guys at Tow Truck's Brisbane. Being in a roadside emergency can be nerve wracking. But they were very helpful! They assured me that they will arrive within half an hour, and they did! I had no clue what the procedure was, but they took care of everything, making the entire process quick and easy.
-- NAOMI --
Prompt service and friendly staff at Tow Truck's Brisbane. Very happy with the service and the rates. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thumbs up!